Product Profiles

River West Technologies

Autolyzed Yeast icon pigicon cow

Natural and Efficient Immune Enhancer

Autolyzed Yeast is a natural component derived from yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The main ingredients in Autolyzed Yeast are β-glucan and mannan, which can increase immunity and block pathogens.

Flo-Aidicon pig icon chickenicon cow

A Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate. An anti-caking agent which absorbs moisture, that can form chunks in the feed and contribute to mold growth, which will contaminate clean feed. In instances of large amounts of sticky ingredient in feeds, Flo-Aid will improve feed flow-ability through feeding systems.

Lube Aid icon cow

A die lubricant, which reduces friction in the die due to ingredients such as high mineral, high milk diets, or high distillers. Reducing the friction allows for greater throughput, less wear on the die and rolls, which reduces costs, and lowers electrical consumption. Lower friction on feed passing through the die reduces scorching on the pellets being made and improves the taste of feed.

Maxi-Bond icon pigicon chickenicon cow

A low inclusion pellet binder and die lubricant, its unique ingredients create hard durable pellets by binding the protein and starch ingredients together to form an outer protective coating. Maxi-Bond increases throughput, reduces die friction, improves hardness, increases durability and lowers production costs. It is a free flowing white powder which mixes well with other ingredients.

Mold-X icon pigicon chickenicon cow

A mold inhibitor comprised of several synergistic acids which stops mold growth, compatible with all ingredients and vitamin premixes.

  • Low level incorporation
  • Small particle size maximizes dispersion
  • Increased surface area for contact increases effectiveness

Lowers pH of feed, controls non-beneficial yeast, giving slow release for longer control. Buffered to reduce caustic effect on equipment, and reduce discomfort to all who handle it.

Pro 88 Cheese Powder icon pig

A blend of several cheeses and soy flour for flow-ability. High in protein and fat, which is readily available to the young pig. Very aromatic, and dried at low temperature which does not alter the milk nutrients, 4000 kcal/ kg, available in 25kg bags.





  • Unique range of organic trace minerals (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe…) with a patented crystalline and polymer structure
  • The science-based tool to improve profitability
  • Patented spraying technology leading to micro-sized particles


  • The intimate and patented combination of high intensity sweetener with potentiators and enhancers
  • The tool to improve feed intake
  • Specific ISO-FUSION technology® for unique properties


  • Patented concept answers the clearly identified needs of customers
  • Combinations of our know-how on product technology and knowledge in animal physiology


  • Standardized combinations of olfactory and gustatory-stimulating molecules
  • A wide range of tailor-made products to make your feed more attractive
  • Specific ISO-FUSION Technology® for unique properties


  • Standardized combinations of active substances naturally occurring in aromatic plants and spices, selected for their proven in-vivo effects
  • The tool to promote performance and well-being across many animal species
  • Micro-encapsulation technology ensuring superior stability and consistent product performance